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We’re an independent creative fragrance house based in Houston & we sell fragrance formulas

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Building Your Brand

Fragrance Formula Sales: We are Americas most trusted Fragrance House and we are now licensing our Perfume Formulas: We are a collaboration of perfumers, chemists, and artists working together to create the most sought after extraits & fragrances in the world. Our team works with trendsetters that range from professions in fashion and the arts, to musicians who prefer their own notes, sports icons with excellent brand integrity, events and entertainment influencers, and business development leaders. When it comes to making a statement, we help you do it without saying a word…

Let’s get together and figure out the best path for you to develop your brand. Our goal is to create perfumes that are amazing and help your business grow. In today’s world, you need to make sure you communicate with scents, images, and words.

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Fragrance Formula Sales

You have the option to purchase actual perfume formulas (for production use).

We are the first & only firm to provide all fragrance percentages & ingredients so you can provide a responsible product & responsible label. We’ve been using natural ingredients including sugar surfactants made from corn syrup and coconut oil since 2002, replacing traditional petroleum products.Government regulations are requiring businesses to provide warnings about significant exposures to chemicals in their products: Competing firms will NEVER share this with you.Your name, your brand, and ultimately your reputation are all on the line: Don’t risk your product being labeled: Reproductive Harm, Causes Cancer; or Birth Defects. Want to see a few of the formulas we have for sale?

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Fragrance Factory in a Box

Fragrance & Perfume Manufacturing Business for Sale: “Fragrance-Factory-in-a-Box” is revolutionizing the fragrance industry by allowing companies to start manufacturing oils 30 days after purchase. Call us today.

Fragrance F.I.B. offers companies Flexibility, Mobility, & Speed to market. Fragrance Factory-in-a-Box, mobile production capacity, can be used to reallocate working opportunities in a cost-effective way when customers demand this as a part of the business deal. The concept contains four parts: an Intellectual property/technical solution, a logistics solution, a training solution for the local labor, and a methodology for how to move, install, and put the Fragrance Factory-in-a-Box into production.