Perfume Factory in a Box:   Fragrance Startups:

Today’s fragrance & flavor business environment is dominated by a handful of large & well funded corporations using growth by acquisition to take over smaller fragrance houses & grow in defined geographic areas.  Fragrance startups face many barriers to entry due to the scarcity of acquisitions, global competition, large amounts of capital and intellectual property required to start & operate a successful business from the ground up.

Fragrance manufacturing startup success and survival are becoming more difficult to sustain and it is recognized that low cost and high quality alone are not enough to sustain firm’s competitive position in the market place. Add Covid-19, market uncertainty, and reduced competition to the mix and you will see a growing need for Pop-Up & responsive fragrance manufacturing systems.

Thus, there is a growing demand for well-formulated manufacturing strategies which provide necessary support for developing and sustaining relevant order-winners and qualifiers, which enable rapid product realization as well as flexibility and reconfigurability within operations.

We are pleased to introduce our reconfigurable fragrance production systems, we call “Perfume Factory-in-a-Box” as a new innovation & service we are offering in 2021. The purpose of our Perfume-Factory-in-a-Box concept is to create low cost opportunities for startups through mid-sized company’s interested in manufacturing fragrance oil. Our PFIAB System provides four key parts: an intellectual property/technical solution including over 20,000 fragrance & flavor formulas, a logistics solution, a training solution for the local labor, and a methodology for how to move, install, and put the Perfume Factory-in-a-Box into production.

Top Reasons to choose Fragrance Factory-in-a-Box

Companies, without in-house fragrance production capacity, have very few options if they need resources for pilot fragrance production. Instead, large fragrance oil  orders are often placed in low-wage countries, e.g. China or Eastern Europe. The uncertainty in markets and rapid introduction of low quality raw materials & ultimately oils has created a growing need for flexible, reconfigurable, and responsive manufacturing systems.

Key System Components

•   Low start up capital requirements remove the largest barrier to entry.

• Over 20,000 Production Formulas/Intellectual Property, the lifeblood of a fragrance house are easily searchable, and put into production in seconds.

• Reconfigurability & scalability for changing production volumes and for fast ramp up of production. Startups may choose to use workers to compound oils, but when scaling up may choose Fricke type automated Dosing & filling systems.

• Reusability of system components. The reusability of equipment makes it possible to reuse the equipment in other applications in the same or in other companies.

• Standardized hard- and software interfaces and integrated highly flexible production equipment, and sensor-based calibration are prerequisites for flexibility/agility.